Seminars, trainings, meetings

Looking for a place to organise a residential seminar, an incentive or a work meeting?

We have the venue, the service and the experience … all tailored to your needs.


Pick a seminar room that reflects who you are

Hiring a seminar room is not just about hiring a venue. It also implies opting for a certain service. Relying on experience.

Every company has specific requirements. These naturally include the logistical and technical requirements: geographic location, number of places, available facilities, comfort, configuration of the meeting room(s), number of sessions or courses, hotel accommodation, catering, etc.

But you also have to keep in mind the message your company wants to convey to its audiences, through the very setting of the seminar: a certain standard, an atmosphere, a philosophy.

Wherever you are in Belgium and whatever the profile of your audience and the content of your request, we will come up with a comprehensive solution, where as much attention goes into the setting, the mood and the service as into the seminar room itself.


Martin’s Hotels is a pioneer on the Belgian « conference hotel » market. See also our corporate accommodation and catering conditions. We make a point of looking after our guests, before, during and after working hours.

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