Environmental Management System

Environmental management at Martin’s Hotels

In order to control and reduce the environmental impact of its activities, Martin’s Hotels implemented, in 2011, an environmental management system (EMS).
This environmental management system is inspired by the Emas standard. Martin’s Hotels was certified by Emas from 2012 to 2020 and received an Emas Award for its management system in 2017.

This environmental management system allows Martin’s Hotels to continuously improve its environmental performance through various stages:

•    An environmental analysis of the activities
•    The establishment of an environmental policy
•    The establishment of objectives for the improvement of its environmental performances
•    The implementation of good practices and of an action plan in order to achieve the objectives

Thanks to this management system, Martin's Hotels has been able to considerably reduce the impact of its activities on the environment, in particular by:

•    Reducing its energy consumption
•    Reducing its water consumption
•    Improving the management and sorting of waste
•    Promoting the purchase of local Food & Beverages

Environmental mission statement


Environmental statement 2019


OBJECTIVES 2019-2025

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