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Environmental Mission Satement

For over 25 years, Martin’s Hotels has been welcoming business people, families, tourists and gourmets to its ten hotels, three restaurants and its fitness centre & spa. It focus has always been to conduct its business profitably so that it can take care of its guests, look after the well-being of its staff, support humanitarian and social causes and, in the long term, protect the environment and its heritage.

It is for this reason that Martin’s Hotels has developed a progressive environmental management system for all of its sites which conforms to the European EMAS regulations and to the ISO 14001 standard.

Within this framework, Martin’s Hotels commits to:

  • providing the requisite human resources for implementing its environmental management system;
  • integrating environmental protection and preservation into the management of its daily activities, with a view to continuous improvement;
  • conforming to all the environmental legislation which applies to its activities;
  • minimising the environmental impact of its activities.

In order to fulfil this mission, Martin’s Hotels is directing its energies towards:

  • moderate use of energy and natural resources;
  • reducing waste and organising its separation better;
  • establishing a sustainable purchasing policy;
  • preventing pollution and other environmental risks;
  • managing the impact of its activities on the quality of the air, water, land, and sonic environment;
  • conserving and maintaining heritage;
  • constantly improving communication with the public and the authorities.

Act, inform, train, motivate are the keywords for Martin’s Hotels for the success of this endeavour.
This is why it also involves its guests through:

  • the “Eco Bon” programme. Here, guests are encouraged to reduce their impact on the environment during their stay through simple and user-friendly acts;
  • the “Carbon Zero” programme. The CO2 emissions generated by all our residential seminars are offset thanks to the creation of clean energy projects in emerging and developing countries (such as waste collection and biogas production in Tanzania).

Genval, October 2011


John C. Martin