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Let the temperature define your discount!

How does it work:

Book your stay in one of the participating hotels. 

Take advantage of our -already- reduced rates.

Above that we will take the maximum temperature of your arrival day off your bill!* 

Example: you arrive on July 20 and the maximum temperature of that day is 23 degrees*. The discount equals 23€. When you checkout, you will then get a 23€ discount.

If you want to stay multiple nights we will add up the temperatures of the different days. 

*The maximum temperature of the day is measured on for the city where you will be staying. This offer is valid from July 1st until August 31, 2018 with limited availability. This offer cannot be canceled nor refunded.


Participating hotels:

Martin's All Suites - Martin's Louvain-la-Neuve - Martin's Rentmeesterij

Martin's Red - Martin's Relais - Martin's Brussels EU - Martin's Château du Lac

Martin's Patershof - Martin's Brugge - Martin's Grand Hotel - Martin's Klooster