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Nicolas Mottart

As a real food enthusiast, Nicolas Mottart decided at a very young age that he was going to become a professional cook.

As a graduate from the Collège Cardinal Mercier, the young chef started his career at L'Alter Ego restaurant.

He continued as a Commis de Cuisine at Genval.Les.Bains, the restaurant at Martin’s Château du Lac and quickly rose in the ranks to become Premier Chef de Partie.

His work was highly rated, which opened the doors to the Icones restaurant at Martin’s Brussels EU as a Sous-Chef de Cuisine and Chef.

Now heading up the Genval.Les.Bains restaurant, Chef Nicolas introduces guests to the great classics of Belgian and European fine dining whilst adding a considerable modern twist and Asian influences.

Self-taught, meticulous and a foodie himself, Chef likes to garnish his dishes so as to bring out all the flavours and a taste for all things delectable and enjoyable. Lest we forget: we savour the food we partake of as much with our eyes as we do with our taste buds.