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From sugar refinery to hotel

The history of Martin’s Waterloo is interwoven with the thriving industry of the beginning of the 19th century. In 1863, the Raffinerie Nationale de Sucre Indigène et Exotique (National Refinery for Indigenous and Exotic Sugar) was founded. This new undertaking purchased the current La Sucrerie site, just outside Waterloo’s town centre, to cultivate sugar beet and to make sugar.

During the 19th century and a large part of the 20th century, La Sucrerie was mortgaged and resold more than once – so the site changed owner and activity several times. It was once a plant in which condensed milk was produced. After that, a lamb nursery and even a demolition company took up residence. At one time, the French-language Belgian Radio and Television company established a film studio there. Thereafter, the buildings housed various municipal services. 

In 1989, La Sucrerie started a new chapter in its history: the Louis de Waele holding company rebuilt the site entirely into a business centre with leisure facilities. Martin’s Grand Hôtel and its La Sucrerie restaurant were born in 1992. 

In 2008, Martin’s Waterloo was added to the offering. The 3-star hotel is housed in the old premises of the Floridienne group. Today, you can enjoy a thoroughly pleasant stay in the most visited region of Belgium, in the intimate and hospitable Martin’s Waterloo. And at the same time, you can avail yourself of the services of the Martin’s Grand Hotel next door.

Our guest rooms

Discover the Martin's Waterloo
guest rooms,
with their authentic
and comfortable design
and intelligent arrangement
of the space.

The bar

“Le Club” at the neighbouring
Martin’s Grand Hotel
is open every day
from 4 pm to 1 am,
except Sunday.

The restaurant

La Sucrerie receives you in a
stylish, pleasant atmosphere,
beneath vaulted ceilings
that date from 1836.
All dishes are prepared
in-house, from foie gras
to Waterloo truffles.

The fitness club

As a guest of Martin's Waterloo,
you receive access to the fitness
club of Martin’s Grand Hotel,
our sister hotel next door.