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Have you already selected a subscription? Take a moment to discover the exclusive formulas described below, before you finalise your subscription or sign up for a free trial session. These formulas keep you in top shape at advantageous conditions. 

• Happy Family 

Do sports with the whole family at special conditions. 

Your advantage: you get a 10% discount when you pay by direct debit / you pay only €99 registration fee for the entire family. 

Conditions: all subscriptions must be started at the same time, for minimum 2 persons from the same family, living at the same address. Minimum 1 Gold subscription.  

• Travelling 

Do you travel abroad frequently? Why should you pay for a fitness subscription for the periods that you’re not at home? Our Travelling formula is specially developed for frequent travellers. 

Your advantage: you can stop(suspend?) your subscription whenever you wish, without charges. 

Conditions: the total duration of the suspensions may not exceed the duration of your subscription. So, with this formula, you can double the original duration of your subscription. Maximum number of visits: 70/year, 35/6 months, 18/3 months. Not valid for subscriptions that are paid for via direct debit. 

• Extra Time 

Do you suddenly feel like working on your condition in our fitness room or to relax in our thermae? With Extra Time, you simply show up, even outside the access hours included in your subscription. 

Your advantage: access to our facilities outside the hours provided for in your subscription. 

Conditions: a supplement of €5/visit outside the access hours included in your subscription (during the opening hours of our facilities, of course). 

• Take advantage of a direct debit

Make it easy for yourself and pay for your subscription via direct debit. In addition, we award you special conditions so that you get maximal benefit from your subscription.  

Your advantage: you can suspend  your subscription for 1 month per year (during your holiday, for example).

Members benefit, all year round