Tomorrow Needs Today

Martin’s Hotels sustainable development project

A voluntary company project

Grow while taking into account the interests of future generations. This is the essence of Martin’s Hotels sustainable development project.

Long before the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) had emerged, Martin’s Hotels had taken several initiatives in the field of ecology, fair trade and humanitarian actions.

Because we prepare for tomorrow today, Martin's Hotels has structured all of its actions in order to deploy them more effectively.

His company-wide project, essentially voluntary, focuses on 4 complementary aspects:
customers, staff, fair & humanitarian activities and the planet.


Act first for the planet

Martin’s Hotels is in the first place committed to protecting ‘our Planet’ through its direct interaction with the other aspects.

The hotel group is proud to have obtained EMAS certification (Eco-Management Audit Scheme) for its environmental management system (EMS) along with ISO 14001 certification for all of its sites.


Our engagement and performance

The environmental initiatives, results and overall performance achieved through Martin's Hotels' actions are described in our official documentation.

Environmental mission statement


Report of environmental activity

Environmental statement


EMAS Environmental Management System


Reduce and compensate CO2 emissions:  two key words which come to life in 3 specific activities.