Zero Carbon

Martin's Hotels offsets the carbon emissions of events organised in its hotels,
making them carbon neutral

In line with its global sustainable development programme ‘Tomorrow Needs Today’, Martin’s Hotels guarantees the carbon neutrality of all events organised in its 10 hotels for businesses keen to reduce their environmental impact.

Indeed, the hotel group has pinpointed four aspects as obvious targets for its sustainable development actions: clients, staff, fair & humanitarian actions and, finally, the planet. It is doing its bit for the planet by setting itself a line of conduct: calculating and reducing the carbon emissions of all the hotels, restaurants, of the spa and offices.

Clearly, certain emissions are inevitable.

This situation has prompted Martin’s Hotels to support carbon-offsetting schemes for those carbon emissions that cannot be reduced further at the current point in time, such as those of the residential seminars, banquets and other events organised in its hotels (772 rooms and 63 meeting rooms catering for between 10 and 1000 participants).

These carbon emissions are offset thanks to the funding of projects aimed at setting up self-generated clean energies in emerging and developing countries (e.g. woodstove projects in Uganda).

In short, for all businesses prepared to take part, Martin’s Hotels cancels out the carbon emissions that it is unable to reduce, despite its continuous environmental improvement efforts (Environmental Management System) and the measures it takes to limit the impact of its guests’ activities on the climate (Eco Voucher).

This carbon offsetting is carried out by CO2logic, a supervised Belgian agency duly recognised for its expertise and the quality of the projects in which the funds are invested.  To find out more, click here.

This new approach allows companies to reduce their environmental footprint, to make a strong gesture and to trigger a debate among its staff.

The “Zero Emission” certificate gives the action an official seal of approval.


New video: CO2 offsetting explained in less than 2 minutes.

Method of calculating the average carbon footprint of an event for one person at a Martin’s Hotel.

This calculation was carried out by our environmental coach, RDC Environment, on the basis of the carbon calculator developed by the ADEME (French Government Agency for Environment and Energy Management) and complies with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol rules.

The following emission items were taken into consideration :
- energy consumption (gas, fuel, electricity, etc.) linked to overnight stays and seminars
- consumer products linked to the seminars (food, beverages and materials for participants)

Result of the calculation (2010):
- 41 kg of CO2 per person/per 24 hours
- 15 kg of CO2 per person/per day.



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