Eco Vouchers

Be part of our sustainable development project while earning Martin’s Hotels Gift Vouchers !

For several years, Martin’s Hotels has been involved in many projects with regard to the ecology, fair trade, cultural and humanitarian activities. Today, we are structuring these activities in order to develop them further, and have set up a sustainable development project so that we can act more effectively in the interests of the planet and future generations.

We would value your involvement in this wholly voluntary project by suggesting some simple and useful things you can do during your stay. Under no obligation whatsoever. Yet amply rewarded. So that, together, we can prepare for the future from today, because ‘Tomorrow Needs Today’

On arrival

You will receive an "Eco Voucher" card to fill in and leave at reception during or after your stay. It’s very simple, fun and will only take a few moments to fill in.


During your stay

Eco Vouchers : Take part and win Gift Vouchers!

By reducing the ecological footprint of your stay thanks to the 5 suggestions described below, you earn Eco Vouchers which can be accumulated every time you stay at one of the Martin’s Hotels, and which can be exchanged for Martin’s Gift Vouchers.


First Suggestion Second Suggestion Third Suggestion Fourth Suggestion Fifth Suggestion
Request a limited cleaning service for your room
= 20 Eco Vouchers.
Re-use your bath towels
= 10 Eco Vouchers
Adopt "good practices"
= 10 Eco Vouchers
Select "EcoetBon" labelled dishes and drinks
= 5 Eco Vouchers
Organise your transport responsibly
= 5 Eco Vouchers.
This service consists of making the bed and emptying the rubbish bins. This reduces the CO2 emissions associated with water and electricity consumption and from using cleaning products.  Please hang the ‘Tomorrow needs today’ sign to request this outside your room before 8 a.m.
Only towels left in the bath will be replaced. Washing laundry consumes vast amounts of water which, having been polluted by detergents, needs to be treated before being returned to our rivers. Manage your energy consumption in a prudent and responsible fashion. Some examples: switch off the heating and air conditioning when you open windows, turn lights out when you leave a room and turn off your computer when you're not using it, etc. This will reduce the impact on global warming. Please leave your cans, plastic and glass bottles, paper & cardboard on your desk in order to let our housekeeping service sort them. Our restaurants and bars offer "EcoetBon" labelled dishes and drinks! These comprise locally sourced, seasonal products: short delivery distances from our suppliers reduce CO2 emissions.
Public transport, car pooling, cycling or taxi-sharing are solutions you can adopt. If you confirm that you have opted for one of these, you earn 5 Eco vouchers.

So a 2 night stay can earn you 50 Eco vouchers. After your 2nd stay,  you could have collected 100 Eco Vouchers.
Each time you collect 100 Eco Vouchers, you can convert them into one Martin’s Gift Voucher worth EUR 50.
(100 Eco Vouchers = 100 points or EUR 50 in Martin’s Gift Vouchers)


At the end of your stay

Once we have registered your duly completed "Eco Voucher" card which you have left at reception, we will email a short questionnaire to the address indicated to ask you about your participation in the Eco Vouchers scheme.

By return, you will receive a log-in and password which give you access to your profile and personal "Eco Vouchers" account.
Your log-in and password will give you the opportunity to convert your Eco Vouchers into Martin’s Gift Vouchers, at our e-shop. This is the only way you can exchange them.

You can earn and accumulate Eco Vouchers which can be converted into Martin’s Gift Vouchers each time you stay at any one of the 10 Martin’s Hotels.

Eco Vouchers: an ecological way to enjoy your stay!

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