A magnificent opportunity to experience slow tourism  

Travelling by bike is a wonderful way to travel differently, to discover or rediscover a territory. Slower, more connected, more attentive to variations in the landscape, and even more receptive to the quality of the welcome, cycle tourists appreciate authentic hotels that are sensitive to their expectations.

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1 day cycling package

Book a night in one of our hotels and explore the surroundings differently! We have several routes available, choose the one that suits you best: culture, local gastronomy, nature, short or long... There is something for everyone, from the less sporty to the more sporty!

And the customization doesn't stop there, as you can add a dinner, massage or other extras during your stay. Get on your two wheels and let's go!

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Multi-day cycling package (Martin's Cycle Tour)

The Martin's Cycle Tour is a maximum 7-day, 8-night cycling tour between several Martin's Hotels. 
Each stage starts from one hotel and leads to the next. You can start your journey from the hotel of your choice that is part of the Martin's Cycle Tour:

- MARTIN'S RED IN TUBIZE (Free parking)
- MARTIN'S WATERLOO (Free parking)
- MARTIN'S BRUSSELS EU (Paid parking) 

It is of course possible to make only a few stops and return to your starting point by train. All destinations have a train station and you can board the train with your bike.

Martin's hotels are located in the cultural and heritage heart of Belgium, conveniently anchored in the city centres. Travellers by bike will have the opportunity to discover some of the main heritage attractions of the heart of Europe and the pleasure of resting in hotels prepared to receive them.

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Practical information

Choose a 1-day package or a multi-day package

If you want to explore the area around a hotel, simply book a cycling package from your hotel of choice. 
If you want to combine several cycling destinations, you should fill in the online form and indicate your preferences. You will receive more information within 48 hours after your request. 

Bike rental

Don't have a bike at your disposal? Our hotels can recommend a rental company that rents for longer distances.

Bike parking

All Martin's Hotels are equipped to facilitate bicycle use: secure bicycle parking, repair kit, ....

Some advice

To ensure that the Martin's Cycle Tour goes smoothly, we recommend that you

  • use a recently serviced bike that you have had the opportunity to try and adjust to your measurements. Don't hesitate to adjust the posture on the way.
  • Choose good, wide and properly inflatable tyres. Don't forget to check the pressure regularly.
  • Carry one repair kit per person (including a spare pump and tube).
  • Pack only the essentials and travel light to make the most of your trip. Two 20L panniers are more than enough to carry everything.
  • Carry enough water bottles and food for the trip.
  • Take an external battery and a charger for your phone or GPS.
  • And of course, don't forget to take your precious roadbook with you!

Each step is described in your guide. To help you find your way around safely, we offer you several options available by clicking on QR codes.
- You will be able to download the GPX track of each stage and import it into the application of your choice.
- You will be able to follow the track created and available on the Cirkwi and komoot applications.
The CIRKWI application will have the advantage of including all the points of interest to discover on your way. It will be easier for you to find your way to these points of interest. 

Explore the area by bike

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