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Mineral water as the basis for the hotel-castle

Martin's Château du Lac was built in 1906 by the Société des Eaux Minérales (Mineral Water Company) – so, its original name was ‘Etablissement des Eaux’ (Water Company). This castle in romantic Lorraine style would become a mineral water bottling plant.

Even though the springs had been commercialised, the castle was run only as a health resort until Schweppes Belgium hired the building in 1934 to make it a production plant for water and lemonade.

In 1952, the Martin family bought the castle and continued the industrial activities until 1981, when John Martin moved the production plant to another location. Four years later, the idea was put forward to create an exclusive luxury hotel on the shores of Genval Lake.

Thus, the plant became a castle-hotel that combines both traditional and contemporary luxury in an oasis of tranquillity surrounded by nature. Through the years, a restaurant and several banquet rooms (for dinners, meetings and wedding celebrations) were added to the hotel. The most recent addition is a spa and fitness club. 

Martin's Château du Lac has already received a whole host of celebrated guests – including the Emperor of Japan, Albert II of Monaco, Paul-Loup Sulitzer, Al Gore, and even the French national football team. We invite you, too, to continue the golden legend of Martin's Château du Lac.

Our guest rooms

Grant yourself the pleasure
that a 5-star hotel provides.
Treat yourself to a canopy
bed, salon, Jacuzzi and view
over the lake or park…

The bar

Let yourself sink down
into the comfortable chairs
and the pleasant atmosphere
of the Kingfisher Lounge Bar
Every day from 5 pm
to midnight.

The restaurant

Genval.Les.Bains is
Martin's Château du Lac’s
renowned restaurant,
serving distinctive dishes
inspired by land and sea.

Spa & Fitness Club

Indulge yourself in our
Martin’Spa Fitness
& Wellness Club
1500 m² totally devoted
to your well-being,
health and appearance.